A Will is Not Enough in Texas

A Will Is Not Enough In Texas Co-Authored by:
Christopher J. Pettit
and Amelia E. Pohl, Esq.

Book Details

In their new book, A Will is Not Enough in Texas, esteemed estate planning attorneys Amelia Pohl and Christopher J. Pettit provide easy-to-understand, state-specific instructions on how to protect your assets and prepare your estate for inheritance with minimum cost and hassle to your loved ones. This reference is essential in guiding you through simple, practical things you can do to safeguard your finances during and after your lifetime. You’ll find information regarding probate, transferring your business, paying for your health care and a variety of other valuable topics. With detailed, regional information, A Will is Not Enough in Texas is a necessary tool in developing an effective estate plan that ensures you and your family will enjoy a secure and worry-free future.

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